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Jonny often records the things that he says and you can listen to those things if you would like to.

Josie and Jonny are Having a Baby (with You)


My real life partner and I made a twelve part series on having a baby, if not by mistake, then certainly by surprise. As new parents, we tried to get actual answers to questions on parenting that we’re completely clueless about. Each episode features creators of all types talking candidly about what it means to raise a baby into a full on adult human.


We spoke to some great people including Adam Buxton, Bridget Christie, Phillipa Perry, Adjoa Andoh, John Darnielle (the Mountain Goats), Nikesh Shukla and Isy Suttie.


Listen here and read more about it in the Guardian here.

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Jonny and the Baptists: making Paddy Happy


To handle the horror of lockdown, and to help us both deal with our fluctuating mental health, Paddy and I started speaking five days a week just for fifteen minutes or so. It started because I could see Paddy’s depression spiralling in self-isolation, and mine wasn’t far behind. So we chatted every day about how much we were struggling and tried to remember positive things and that we loved one another. It’s a record of a very strange time, and a very good friendship.


Have a listen here.

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