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You’re seven years old. Mum’s in hospital. Dad says she’s ‘done something stupid’. She finds it hard to be happy. You start a list of everything that’s brilliant about the world. Everything worth living for. You leave it on her pillow. You know she’s read it because she’s corrected your spelling.

In Every Brilliant Thing, a young boy attempts to ease his mother's depression by creating a list of all the best things in the world. Everything worth living for. Through adulthood, as the list grows, he learns the deep significance it has on his own life.  Every Brilliant Thing is a new play about depression and the lengths we will go for those we love.


“Painfully honest, funny, joyous… possibly one of the funniest plays you'll ever see, full stop” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“Captivating, charming and very funny” Ben Brantley, New York Times

“As profound a work as you’re ever likely to experience on a New York stage” NY1

“Jonny Donahoe gives one of the most unforgettable theatre performances” NBC


Watch the HBO film of Every Brilliant Thing here.

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